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A unique British series. Scene after scene of amateur models reveal their sexual secrets for your pleasure. English contributors give us a keyhole view into their lives, wives, girlfriends, and bedrooms. They are genuine amateur contributions, with variable picture quality. But the material is real life hardcore and very horny.

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2 hrs. 45 mins.




Dec 2011

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Axa Jay, Evey Kristal

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Scene 1 – Evey
Evey of London is at that delicious age, having just flowered into womanhood. Confident, yet somehow alluringly shy, she strips slowly out of her tight denim outfit. Squeezing her sweet breasts, she gives the camera a look that lets us know that there’s a wicked slut lurking inside of this angel-faced beauty. She teases her shaven slit with a vibrating dildo then fucks herself to orgasm. Her ‘O’ face is so sexy, her nipples rise to delicious peaks with her pleasure, and her satin skin gently blushes as she shudders into climax.

Scene 2 – Sammie
Sultry Sammie from Southampton is 20-years old today and dressed to impress in her Burgundy corset. Her boyfriend zooms in with the camera as she un-pops her lingerie to reveal her utterly exquisite breasts. Trembling, Sammie begins to masturbate, gaining momentum the rubbing gets more intense. Her sticky snatch sounds are as loud as her moans as her excitement escalates. Then she breaks out the humming hardware device and gives herself a good seeing-to.

Scene 3 – Jade and Nicola
This entrancing raven-haired twosome hail from Twickenham. They look like sisters, but have sworn to us that they are not! They certainly seem to know their way around each other’s bodies, how their clits like to be licked and how deep to thrust in their buzzing boy-substitute. No words pass between these minxes, but plenty is said without words as they fuck each other’s tender twats. Occasionally they smile at the sweaty, heavy-breathing guy who is holding the camera and giggle shyly at each other.

Scene 4 – Kelly and Axa
Uninhibited and sexually liberated, Kelly leaves the door open as she masturbates. Perhaps, truth be known, she wanted Axa to ‘catch her in the act’. These juicy young Mancunian maidens are horny as hell and need very little encouragement to start fondling each other. This couple have the kind of sexual electrics that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. They vigorously munch each other’s clit piercings – all hot breath, slithering tongues and silky, jerking hips. Abusing a big double-ended dildo, they interlock their long legs and fuck each other like bunnies. They stuff their panties up their pussies and go for another round of orgasms with the vibrator.

Scene 5 – Katie and Kirk
Katie, from Barnstaple, is an adorable blonde sexpot/wifey with a pretty cleavage. Foolishly perhaps, her husband leaves her in the company of a younger, better looking bloke. Katie doesn’t waste a second, going straight in for the kill! Kirk looks a bit afraid for a couple of minutes, but Katie is undeterred and proceeds to have her evil way with the boy. Fabulously confident in her own sexuality, Kate is a joy to watch and Kirk absolutely lusts after her. The sexual chemistry between these two is the kind we all strive for in our pairings. Kirk drills his soggy-snatched darling, pausing occasionally to manually extract some more of her copious vaginal fluids.

Scene 6 – Hannah and Dean
Somewhere in Surbiton, Hannah is being turned on by her own sexy red lingerie. She pulls out her big heavy boobs and starts playing with them, luxuriating in her own sexuality, pushing her prize puppies together and burying her face in those warm fleshy pillows. Hannah fills her vagina with a purring plastic penis, at which moment Dean leaps on the bed to give her a helping hand and generally take control of the situation. Hannah sucks Dean’s cock with love, then plants her huge hips firmly on his lap and rides him at an unrestrained gallop.

Scene 7 – Claudia and Woody
Professor Woody and Claudia are role-playing and have hired a hotel room in Birmingham to play out a prostitution fantasy. Claudia gasps as Woody jiggles her sweet shaggy snatch which squelches appreciatively. Woody presses his dick as deep as it will go inside her and in only a few strokes he erupts ecstatically leaving her oozing cooch jammed up with his jizz. The camera zooms in to make the most of the moist explosion between her legs and her beautiful cunt contractions.

Scene 8 – Shelly and Paul
It’s the middle of the day, yet the curtains are drawn in this Essex bedroom. The inhabitants are excitedly peeling off each other’s clothes in front of one keenly aroused camera-man. The pale-skinned slender couple are long-term partners in their early 30’s. Still in love and passionately hot for one another after nearly ten years of marriage! Well done Shelly and Paul! The two know each other inside out, where to stroke, when to slow down or speed up, how hard to bite – their sex has become synchronized. It is a beautiful, playful and intrinsically happy event – a joy and privilege to watch!

Scene 9 – Mae and Matt
Mae and Matt are a young couple completely lost in their own erotic world, somewhere just outside Guildford. Seemingly oblivious to the camera, they gaze into each other’s eyes and kiss tenderly. Their style is intense, yet gentle – silent, but full of expression – leisurely yet steamily passionate. Mae rides Matt like a cowgirl with a mission. The bed creaks with her bouncing, then, lying back in sweet anticipation, she watches as Matt shuffles his shaft until he erupts on her boobs.

Scene 10 – Kim, Roxy and Tony -BONUS WINNNERS – £500!
Kim and Roxy are two randy housewives from Hastings, both in their 50’s. They have just been given a new toy to play with, his name is Tony. Tony is a handsome, well-spoken young black guy with gloriously generous genitals who happens to love bulky older women. What luck! The two old babes share Tony’s gleaming cock, feasting on his foot-long fuck-tool. Tony is measurably impressed by their bulging, blimp-like breasts and colossal cunts. Their squeals and slapping flesh spur Tony on to a fervour of frenzied fucking, adding his own moans of pleasure to their screams of delight as he cums. In the blink of an eye a new bloke is humping Kim while Roxy flogs him on his back. Judging by the big smile on his face, he’s really enjoying the experience.

Scene 11 – Sophie, Geoff and Miles -BONUS WINNNERS – £500!
Thriving in Thetford, this trio are tingling with anticipation. Sophie is a mucky MILF with thigh-high boots and an exceptionally pretty pussy. Geoff is a randy middle-aged bloke and Miles is his equally randy son! Sophie can’t believe that her dream to have two cocks at once is finally coming true. She is so thoroughly aroused that her skin is blushing all over as she wanks wildly in preparation for those whom she is about to receive.


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