Knob the Builder 3: Project Double Time


Cowboy builders, Knob and G are back with more hilarious and horny adventures; with some gorgeous UK babes getting a good fucking. Most girls get a double dose of cock in 5 scenes, with plenty of anal and a DP! Next time you get the builders in, you won’t leave your wife with them after seeing this!

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1 hrs. 47 mins.




Aug 2011

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Dicker Dan, Foxy, Gabrielle Lee, John Winter, Lleia, Robyn Truelove, Tanya Coxx

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After a deck problem with Graham, Freddie heads over to check on Arthur and brunette businesswoman Foxy. Freddie can’t help but check out her great ass, and soon after she’s showing it off in a pair of black panties and stockings. Freddie plays with her pussy and she lets the guys check out her tits before they move to the bed. Foxy starts in the middle sucking Freddie while Arthur checks her out from behind before sucking Arthur while riding Freddie cowgirl style. She keeps working on Arthur orally while riding Freddie reverse cowgirl style before riding Arthur cowgirl style as she sucks Freddie. She continues to take a cock at each end as the guys each fuck her her doggie style and Arthur fucks her missionary style. Foxy even gets in a little pile driving before sucking Arthur to a nearly non-existent pop in her mouth and Freddie strokes himself to a pop on himself and into her mouth

Freddie and Graham get to check out partially bottle blonde Gabrielle while working a project for her. She lets the guys check her out before getting on all fours on the bed so Freddie can lick and play with her from behind. She sucks and strokes her way between the guys before laying back and letting Freddie have the first fuck missionary style as Graham gets a little more head. Gabrielle puts out some nice vocals as the guys start fucking her, and keeps working on both guys at the same time through doggie, scissor fucking, and both cowgirls. Finally Gabrielle lets Freddie pop against her tits before Graham stands over Freddie and pops on her tits.

Bigger blonde Lleia is a bit short to take care of Bob for his extension, so she hopes she can work a deal with him the old fashioned way. Soon after they’re in the bedroom with Freddie working her over from behind and as she lays back on the bed before her boyfriend John walks in. Freddie’s afraid there’s going to be a problem, but just as in real life, when you find a stranger banging your woman and she tells you it’s okay if you join in too, they quickly give her a dick at each end. Freddie fucks Lleia doggie style as she sucks John. They keep giving it to her at each end in missionary and the cowgirls. Lleia even lets the guys tap her ass missionary style before taking a cowgirl style DP. The guys go back to working their way between her holes missionary style before she takes one pop on her pussy and another on in her mouth that she spits back over her tits.

Freddie heads in for a cup of tea with new brunette worker Robyn, and they quickly get rid of Arthur so he can give her some good work experience. He sucks her tits and lets her grind against him before sitting back on a table and letting him play with her pussy and suck her tits. Freddie carries Robyn off to a bedroom where she shows off a bit for him before letting him fuck her doggie style. Freddie tongues her holes before fucking her missionary style, and even gets a little more head before she bounces on his bone in the cowgirls. They also spoon and get in a bit of pile driver before Robyn sucks, titty fucks, and sits on Freddie’s face until he can pop on her stomach.

When busty bottle blonde architect Tanya feels a need to check out Freddie and Graham’s erections, they head back to the house and help her strip down in the bedroom. The guys quickly start checking out her tits and ass as she gropes them through their pants and then drops down to suck and stroke her way between them. The guys get in a quick missionary fuck before going back for a little more oral and a doggie fuck with Tanya nicely continuing to suck as she gets fucked. They also work in a little reverse cowgirl before Tanya gives up each of her holes doggie style. She also takes a missionary style arsehole spearing and gets in a little more oral with the guys before they each stroke themselves to her face.


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