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A unique British series. Scene after scene of amateur models reveal their sexual secrets for your pleasure. English contributors give us a keyhole view into their lives, wives, girlfriends, and bedrooms. They are genuine amateur contributions, with variable picture quality. But the material is real life hardcore and very horny.

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Mouse, Tracy G, Tracy James

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First up is Jan, a pleasingly plump Yorkshire wife and mother. She knows how to wrestle her queen-sized quim into quivering submission using her favourite dildo and an experienced hand.

Skinny young Paris from London is a happy little slapper with a penchant for tease and dirty talk. She and her man like to role play and her part is that of whore. With her mucky mouth and hungry pussy she was made for the part!

Monica, Claire, Bibi and Mouse are four cheeky ladies from Portsmouth! Lining up in a row so we can compare their bare bottoms, the four girls burst into extensive spontaneous sexual shenanigans on a single bed, where everyone is due a tongue lashing.

Chris and Rob hail from Manchester. They have painted their boudoir red to match their romantic passion which is still going strong after 16 years of marriage. We are privileged to be able to watch such a loving couple. Rob really knows exactly what it takes to get his lady to her highpoint.

This couple live in Wimbledon where they have decided to invite us all ’round to have a look at their sexy games. Tara taunts Cody, flaunting her lovely body in a her new tight red mini-dress. She sucks like a Dyson, latching on to his knob like a depraved doll.

Tori has the most pendulous young breasts which fascinate you immediately, her neatly trimmed beaver is also a delight to behold.

A pair of teenage lovers from Liverpool! Andy’s hands tremble virginally, but once he’s plugged his big cock inside her chubby slit, there’s no stopping the snake-hipped boy!

Cora’s hot pants are wedged impossibly up her crack as she attends to the kitchen. Naturally Abraham gets turned on when he sees her. The first time he fucks her it’s a really hot kitchen scene, but this guy never runs out of juice and fucks her four more times!

Young handsome stud Victor has a massive hard on for his tiny girlfriend Lilly. This is the most petite pussy you will ever see on film. It is certainly the smallest Victor’s cock has ever known, as witnessed by his yelping and exclamations of surprise and appreciation throughout. Excellent scene!

Tom chats up young Tracy as his mate drives them in Scotland. She is an incredibly lovely girl, really beautiful. She indulges the guys by committing acts of public indecency, flashing her bits in a lay-by. She plays languidly with her luxuriantly soft muff on the back seat oozing sexiness all the way home. Later, both James and Tom have their way with this extraordinary blonde minx.

BONUS WINNERS! Tracey is a tempestuous-looking MILF from York and Dave, a painter and decorator. They treat us to the spectacle of some lovely role-playing sex where she is the posh lady and he is her bit of rough. These two are made for each other and their magic is well worth a prize.

BONUS WINNERS! Most worthy winners of this volume are Sue, Rick and Steve, who begin in top gear. Cherubic MILF Sue is a 100% devoted sexpot. She is loving every second of having two cocks to herself. A truly memorable scene of a woman in her element.


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