Family Friction


With her step-sister’s permission, Nathan Bronson offers a more hands-on lesson …

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3 hrs. 2 mins.




Sep. 2019

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Carolina Sweets, Dee Williams, Eric Masterson, Kenna James, Nathan Bronson

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With her step-sister’s permission, Nathan Bronson offers a more hands-on lesson … Carolina Sweets first learns how to give a proper blowjob by going down on him, closing her mouth tightly around his cock. The heat between them builds and it isn’t long before Nathan plunges his slicked cock inside her pussy. Carolina is still reeling from the crazy day she’s had so far. She confesses to Kenna James that she lost her virginity to Nathan, and that she knows Dee and Eric’s marriage is in trouble. To further help Carolina calm down, Kenna offers a relaxing massage. She wishes that Carolina had come to her to learn about sex! Is she curious about what sex would be like with a girl? When step-dad Eric Masterson returns home, he’s flustered but Kenna is happy to give him a massage so he can relieve the stress. When he’s hard and slick, she accepts his cock into her pussy. Dee Williams is appalled at the thought of having sex with her step-daughters, though she quickly learns that they’ve been busy that day with Eric and Nathan, too! Finally, as Carolina and Kenna team up to give her a sensual massage, Dee gives into temptation.


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